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Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center - Certificate Program

December 2021 — Your Children’s Bookshelf was excited to assist in providing books to GECRC ( as part of the YCB "Our Books to You" Certificate Program. We supplied 408 books to 68 children. Thank you again @gecrc. GECRC’s mission is to help children from low-income families receive the necessary skills in academics and social interaction to move successfully through school and into adulthood.

Kids In Need Holiday Event

December 2021 — "For 2 years in a row, Your Children's Bookshelf (YCB) has joined Kids In Need of McHenry County's Holiday Party which serves 120 children in need with holiday cheer. The first year, YCB joined our efforts at the height of the pandemic. Our party turned into an outdoor drive through event YCB's team stood outside in the cold and provided a handpicked bag of books for each child. The 2nd year, our friends at YCB set-up a table at the party and not only provided a bag of books to each of the 120 children registered, they took time to read to the children who came to their table. In addition, KIN recently opened up a visitation home for children and their parents in Crystal Lake. YCB assisted KIN with the task of providing an engaging, fun space for the kids by providing crates of books for each of the rooms. The children are allowed to take any book they like from the home and YCB has committed to replenishing the home's supply when needed." — Michelle Prickett, Executive Director

Generations Housing Holiday Grand Parents Day

December 2021 — Our event back in August was so popular that we did an encore here in December along with the addition of another Chicago location. It wonderful to have Generations Housing Initiatives as a Program Partner of YCB. This Holiday Grand Parents Day we provided 1,215 books to 243 grandkids.

Hephzibah Children's Association - Foster Care Holiday Event

December 2021 — Your Children's Bookshelf was pleased to be part of Hephzibah Children's Association Foster Care Holiday Event. This is the 3rd year in a row that we have participated and YCB supplied 480 books for 96 children as part of our "Books to You" program. Our continued partnership with Hephzibah Children's Association is very much appreciated. Hephzibah is about transforming lives. We bring to Hephzibah, on a daily basis, a deep passion for creating an environment where children can grow into beautiful, strong, caring members of society. Hephzibah’s—including group homes for neglected and abused children, comprehensive services for children and families in crisis, foster care, adoption and day care—enhances the safety and well-being of children while preserving the dignity of parents and families.

Harvester Place - Anthem Memory Care Operation Care Givers

November 2021 — We are pleased to welcome Harvester Place - Anthem Memory Care as a new Program Partner with YCB. Anthem Memory Care’s sole focus is on providing highly specialized care for individuals affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We were excited to supply totes/books for 75 care givers that included 375 children's books.

Baird-Warner (Chicago) Fundraiser

November 2021 — Baird-Warner is one of the top-notch residential real estate services organization in the Chicago area. We were very fortunate when one of their top sellers out of their Lincoln Park location reached out and asked if they could hold a fundraiser for us. It was an exciting night (Bingo night) and the efforts of many of the agents helped raise $3,160 for Your Children's Bookshelf.

Richmond/Spring Grove Rotary Operations Warm Coat

October 2021 — Richmond/Spring Grove Rotary has been a tremendous supporter of Your Children's Bookshelf over the past couple of years. From momentary donations (grants) to several book drives that netted over 4,800 books we were very pleased to take part in their annual Operation Warm Coat event. YCB was provided 600 books to 100 Richmond Area kids.

"Today a READER, Tomorrow a LEADER." — Margaret Fuller

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